Dear international players

We are asked time and again whether international participants can join our events.


The answer is clearly  YES.


However, if you come from a non-German speaking country, we would like to give you some advice:



Most of the participants of the 42k speak German and the event is designed for them. Therefore, knowledge of German is recommended, but not a prerequisite. Please let the ORGA and your squad know in advance if you need translation so that your teammates, the Game Masters and the Intime Officers can adjust. Please do not hesitate to ask if you do not understand something, all participants are nice and will not mind helping you.

As the ORGA only speaks a limited number of languages, it is mandatory that international participants speak ENGLISH at an independent level (CEFRL B1 or above). We regret that we cannot provide translators for other languages.



Please inform yourself in advance about the local laws in Germany.

Please pay particular attention to the weapons laws applicable in Germany! Here is a small excerpt of the most important laws:

-          Airsoft weapons (even with muzzle energies lower than 0.5J) count as so-called “apparent weapons” (“Anscheinswaffen”) in Germany: They may not be carried openly in public (i.e. outside the event) and must be transported in locked containers (bags, suitcases). If you violate this rule and are caught by the police, you could face fines of up to 10,000 €! So please get a bag or suitcase with a lock for your arrival and departure.

-          In Germany, the same rules apply to airsoft weapons with a muzzle energy above 0.5J as to all firearms. For exactly this reason, we will limit ourselves to weapons with less than 0.5J at the Con and will test all airsoft weapons before and at the event. Therefore, please leave all airsoft weapons with a muzzle energy above 0.5J at home. We will directly expel all participants we find with weapons of above 0,5J from the event.

-          By the way, fully automatic airsofts with a muzzle energy of more than 0.5J bullet energy are forbidden in Germany, possession is punishable by jail! This is another reason why we restrict ourselves to airsofts with less than 0.5J at our Con!

-          Mounted flashlights or laser pointers are also prohibited under German weapons law. Please leave these at home as well. Muzzleflashers, scopes and reflex sights are allowed.


When it comes to weapons, the German police are not joking, so please follow these rules – we don’t want you to have a very expensive trip to Germany or even end up in jail.



For now, we do not have enough hands to translate all rules or informations for international players.

Google translate is your friend, and we hope you can help yourself. But there will allways be a few questions to ask.

Ask in the english Discord corner

Send us a message on 42k Facebook

 Send a Mail with the KONTAKT form, here on this site.